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Daily Snap Shot

Good afternoon, good morning and good evening to you all.

Not much happening today majorly so just the quick update today for now.


$fslr 1.59% Good to see it so stable after its earnings report.

$key 2.66% Benefitting from the rise in the financial sector and also gets the Golden Star today!

$Gs 2.16% my favourite bank that I love to hate, doing very well today though.

$Jpm 1.38% Also benefitting from the uplift in the financial sector.

$Tsla 1.96% Will it continue on its roll to get up to its previous highs..? Only time will tell, I am currently rating this as a BUY (but with caution of a tight stop loss)

$Amp 1.01% only just in on the list today.

$ 1.26%


$DIS -1.46%

$ea -1.45% Its still slowly gaining from the lost ground after their earnings report.

$amd -1.06%


$xrp $etc $ethereum are all in the same boat of being marginally down, However $btc seems to have found its feet after the fork and gaining lost ground and heading its way back up to the all time highs.

I will be keeping my $btc x2 and x5 for the very long term and the x1 will be cashing out at their 4% value marks.

Still trying to get the copiers section all up and running, however its more technically difficult than I previously thought and might take some time and don't want to lock the whole site up quite just yet.

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