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Red day in the markets

There’s been a pretty big pull back today because once again the bond yields and interest rates are expected to go up and have effected the more modern companies especially the $NSDQ100 . However... the old blue chip companies are mainly in the green. Ie $DJ30

This has underscored where we can re-diversify into different sectors... Keep an eye out on the coming days as we should have more trades opening up.

The tech sector has really dragged down the overall with the market caps


We’ve taken a bit of a hit on our current solar stocks $SPWR $SEDG $TAN

I see this as a drawdown due to the overall slide, and long term as these are our ‘long term’ investments, as oppose to trading, the future is still very bright ☀️

I’ve been looking at opening up more trades in this sector but diversifying into other renewables companies.

$PYPL We have just opened up a new small position on PayPal as the pull back could very well bounce up off the 50MA along with the STOCH is showing signals of potential overselling.

$SHOP As per PayPal, we have seen some support on the on the STOCH and the 50MA as well, so have opened a small position as well.

$BTC $XRP $eos $DASH $LTC because of the gains on the crypto markets and our holdings they have balanced out the draw down on the stocks that we have.

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