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Daily Snap-Shot/ Crypto Overview

Daily Snap-Shot

Well what a day!

From the fork in bitcoin to AAPL announcing after the bell its all going on today!

Where to begin...

I think I will start with Ethereum

Over the past 24hrs we have seen a steady climb breaking through the 220 resistance barrier and now pushing its 230 resistance level from what's seen like an age ago! With-in 7 hrs it has gone from 210 to 230 and hopefully is on its high roll as people look for safe havens during the disruption to BTC.

I will be sticking with the 4% profit on the day-trades to reduce our exposure, how ever keeping our x2 positions for the very long haul

Next XRP Ripple... is now AVAILABLE on eToro to trade as an individual commodity/currency. I have invested a small position in it of less than 1% of our current equity to better keep an eye on it.

I will be looking to increase our holdings in it, dependent on how the value is effected and will look to day-trade it with my tried and tested 'Order, 4% profit, Close, Repeat' System taking a little bit of profit often judging the resistance and support levels


Right back to where we started from! The Market was reopened at almost the same rate that it was frozen at. It seems pretty stable at the moment... but this may be the calm before the storm! So trade this very carefully.


The old saying 'high tide raises all boats' its being pulled up along with all the rest at the moment.

Amazingly there is only one winner on our usual +/- 1% rule

So the ⭐️ goes to JPM at 1.11% as everything else hasn't lost or gained more/less than 1%.


The earnings report is due out on AAPL after the bell tonight. I will be HOLDING all our positions, I believe Apple will beat expectations but still lose a small % in after hours and claw it back during the day trade tomorrow. But as always earnings can surprise us!

The whisper is currently slightly up on the consensus.

I mentioned it the other day, Would any of my copiers be interested in me invested in the portfolio opening a position in the Crypto-Copyfund of approximately 30% of the total equity?

Please feel free to comment i am very interested in what my Copiers would like! This is not a firm decision but i am spit-balling the idea.

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