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Weekly Report and coming strategies

Week ending JULY 30 2017

Doing some thing a little bit different this week than most others. In my weekly review i will cover the closed trades as well

Closed trades


AMZN 5.06%

NVDA 12.24%

EA 3.31%

AMD 14.3%


AMZN 8.37%

EA 3.85%

BTC 1.19%

Ethereum 2.14%


Btc 2%

AMD 18.94%

Ethereum -5.46% (sell)

AAPL 6.44%


BTC 1.67%


FSLR 12.41%, 6.06%, 18.76%, 20.52%

ETHEREUM 4%, 4.1%

As you can see there were quite a few closed trades as I have been reducing exposure to the stocks and also been doing day-trades on cryptocurrencies.

This has increased the equity of the portfolio by 1.48% on the closed trades.

The big gain on the week as a stock was FSLR after smashing earnings estimated it did a rapid gains on the release of their report.

All in all at this very point in time we are still down over the past 7 days by around 5%, we have been slowly clawing profit back up and after the SEGWIT goes though i expect to see gains of bitcoin and also ethereum.

At the moment on the month we are -12.82%, at one point we had a loss of almost -20%. Hopefully we should gain more on the month and get closer to the green by the first.

This weeks strategy:

Once the leveraged trades on GOOG and also AMZN are back in the green and the fees are covered I will close those trades to once again reduce leverage.

I will be keeping open the vast majority of the crypto trades unless they hit my 4% profit rates, and all the leveraged trades will be kept open with very low stoplosses.

I have been toying with the idea of opening a position in the CRYPTO-Copyfund. What do you guys my copiers think? Also what do my followers out there think as well? Would you been more interested in copying me if I had the copy fund available in the portfolio?

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