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Daily Snap-Shot

Daily Snap-Shot

JULY 28 2017


It is almost as good to be pleasantly surprised by the lack of loss, than an expected green.

Before i get on to the numbers i thought i would give you a little information of the past 24 hrs.

I opened leveraged positions on $ea $amzn and also $fslr

After disappointing results on EA and AMZN and huge drops in after hours trading i thought that we would be seeing far more red today than what we actually got.

$amzn is currently removing and heading back up after opportunist bulls got in there with a good buy price and EA managed to pull back some after hours losses and currently higher than yesterdays close.

So here we go with the Winners

$fslr 10.33% After a great earnings report last night! ⭐️

$nflx 1.18%

$nvda 1.92% getting back some its ground after the big sell off yesterday across the board.

$baba 2.26%

$btc 4.35% -don't usually include cryptos but its been a long while since its been at these highs-.


$amzn -1.78% but on its way back off the naught step

$ -2.39%

$bt.l -1.88% it still has done so well this week though!

$ng.l 1.12%

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