April 11, 2018

This is one of my shorter time scale predictions heading into the earnings reports coming up. 

With all the volatility we have managed to open a couple of more postions during the beginning of the week that are already in the green, these are set with a x1 leverage on our PI profile on eToro (Willscuba). 

We currently have a reducing wedge but have seen some drawdowns recently to geo-politics. Making this a good time to increase...

April 7, 2018

Welcome to my first post here on TradingView. 

Its been a long time coming but with having so many followers on eToro along with copiers ever curious about how I get to my trading decisions I thought I’d better start sharing what I look for and how well the predictions pan out. 

This is one of my unusually short term predictions on the 4hr chart of bitcoin and hope that it comes out how I planned (more on the presentation than t...

April 2, 2018

What is Project Daedalus and Project A.T.L.A.S.?

Project Daedalus 

  A little history lesson first, Daedalus was Icarus’ father. For those of you who aren’t brushed up on their ancient myths... 

Daedalus and Icarus where trapped on the island of Crete in the Labyrinth (a creation of the master craftsman Daedalus) Daedalus created a pair of wings for himself and Icarus out of feathers and wax. Daedalus warned his son not to f...

March 26, 2018

We are approaching a big confluence point on the charts at the moment on Bitcoin. 

We see from the chart that we are approaching a minor trend line and have some of our SHORT positions in the green. 

We still have a minor hedge in of over all holdings and will be keeping those for the time being. 

This is partly down to Twitter announcing advertising of Cryptocurrencies but there are many different factors baked in as well. 


March 23, 2018

Project Daedalus 

Hedging procedure up and running. 

Seems like the major indices are really taking a pounding once again today. 

With a huge amount of headline risks factored in means there’s a huge amount of bears out pulling the bulls. 

I have implemented a huge amount of hedging into our indices holdings. I am not an all in bear as I use SHORTS to hedge our risk out. 

After opening some short trades early in the morning (UK) we...

March 22, 2018

Project Daedalus 

First Solar case study. 

‘Volatility breeds Volatility’ 

With the markets being a lot more volatile and with the VIX breaking well above its 200MA it lends its self to the opportunity to make more profits.

One of my favorite equities is First Solar. 

We usually open and closed trades on this quite often to compound the interest and profits that we make each position to make more than just holding for the long term...

March 21, 2018

After being asked yesterday if I thought Cryptos were in a bubble, ive decided to share my thoughts at this point of time... (some will say that I must be getting splinters for sitting on the fence, but hedging is an important facet of my trading instead of just holding)

“Good morning, I wouldn’t say that we are still in a bubble... we had a good deflation but dont see us ever getting to 0. 

Whether we are in a bull or bear mark...

March 19, 2018

Project Daedalus Update

“Close when you can.... not when you have to,” 

Today has seen a big sell off in US Equities, mainly in the Tech heavy NASDAQ - $NSDQ100 - this has been down to a multitude of factors. 

One of the big drawdowns of the day has been FaceBook - $FB - as they have been implicated in personal information being shared via one of the app companies to the Trump social media advertising company, numbering in the mi...

March 15, 2018

Project Daedalus 

Time to get to the heart of it all! 

Part 1

We all know Crypto are being a blight on a lot of portfolios on here, and we are no exception. 

I have been doing a fair amount of short turn around trades to slowly keep topping up the profit of each month in the back ground. 

Every cloud has a silver lining, the volatility is back in the US markets and the boat is starting to rock, this lends itself perfectly to get in...

March 14, 2018

The storm clouds maybe mounting, but we are battening down the hatches!

Week strategy update. 

Equities (stocks) 

The economic data came out yesterday, that was billed as the ‘Goldie-Locks’ results. Growth was as expected across the US and inflation were in the sweet spot that hasn’t raised fears of an over-heating economy and all is well and good in the world... 

That was however until the news broke about the sacking of Rex Till...

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