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New funds.... and new orders!

To copiers and followers

Been pretty busy in the background for the past couple of days setting up new positions along with setting up a fair amount of orders to either have more exposure to instruments we already have, bringing back some of the old ones or brand new companies that I think have long term investment potential.

$EA To get some skin in the game we have placed an order at 130 buy in as there is a bit of support at this level and the stock has been pretty volatile in the past on the daily chart.

$WTW after seeing good results and digging a bit deeper into the companies background we’ve set an order at the $30 mark to double our current small exposure. With the summer coming in the northern hemisphere and along with those Covid pounds to shift I see we should see a general up take in their value.

$Jpm We’ve been wanting to get more back in the financial sector for a while to give us stability and to diversify the portfolio out again. The financial sector does have one of the lowest risk ratings on eToro and has the habit of lowering the risk score.

We have added a small position today and have set an order at 130 level of support.

$UPS As there are some indicators that the stock is currently over bought we’ve set an order to open at the 130 mark as I hate paying near ATH. But have a 150 in there as well. I strongly believe that the world has changed permanently and that worldwide we will see an acceleration on retail shifting from the high street to e-commerce.

$BK $AMP Both of these have been in the portfolio in the past and have set up orders at 35 and 150 respectively.

$IBKR I’ve always liked making profit off Interactive brokers, ive tried their platform in the past and very much prefer eToro for ease of communication with copiers and a simplified interface that I’ve built upon.

There are other positions in


That range from financials to arms to blank based food. More of the old tried and tested and one of the new young guns.....

If you have any questions about copy trading or anything specific please comment and I’ll try to answer as quickly as I can.

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