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Daily Snap Shot. Apple/Tesla

Good evening girls and guys

So for the later than normal post, ive been out and about dining a very special lady, my grandma!

Still did a check through out the day and set up a few more positions along with setting a trailing stoploss on our AAPL holdings once the market opened. Lost very little in the way of missing the top.

Copiers: I will be waiting for another good entry point because there is guaranteed a correction in the tech sector as a whole over the next three months, as even if some one sneezes the word over valued or market crash they drop down at the moment.

Tesla was our today's earning review bogie man, this stock is know for its big swings and today was no different and it seems like the after market price has gone in our favor and has swung upwards quite a fair amount, when i checked earlier it was at +7%.

I will be doing the same as apple tomorrrow and setting a trailing stoploss after the open and waiting for the inevitable correction to buy in once again.

Concerning the crypto coins:

As i know the vast majority of my copiers are more interestested in these i will try and share my thoughts and strategies more often as I am more of a traditionalist stocks/shares trader.

BTC; seems like it is currently finding a new consolidation and with the cash version taking a hit i think the miners will revert to sticking with the tried and tested. I am still patiently waiting to clear a fair amount of equity from it as it nears its all time highs, but not worried at all that it will get there.

HOLD rating

Ethereum; Has been making good ground since the split in bitcoin and has been getting some of its former glory.

Hold/Day-trade 4% profit take.

XRP; I know that many of the crypto people don't particularly like this one because of the nature of what it stands for, however I am a trader of what ever will make profit. There is a huge potential to make money with this and have set my 'order/TP 4%' at set value to tick the greens over.

ETC; Not one of my favorites and not too sure why, keeping an eye on it though.

It has been suggested that I should start chagrin for all the time and work I've been putting into these updates and website... That may be the case one day, however for the time being I'm thinking about splitting some of the blog articles off for copiers only section.


WHat do you guys think? Please leave a comment or send me an email

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