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What is Etoro CopyTrader? Part I

What is Etoro



Covered in this post;

How do I copy someone?

How to set a Copy Stop Loss.

Avg. Copied trade size, what does it mean?

How does it work?

Do I Copy 'Open Trades'?

Why do traders advise you to copy with a minimum $....?

How do I copy some one?

As long as you have an account with etoro, you are verified and you also have at least $100 in your available funds you can copy anyone with a RISK SCORE of less than 7 by going on their profile and selecting copy.

How to set a Copy Stop Loss.

When your opening a copy you have the option to set a Copy Stop Loss. I usually advise about 60%

This means that if the total value of copied trades goes below 60% it will be automatically closed.

E.g. You open a Copy with $1000. The total value of the Copy goes below $600 all trades with-in the copy will be closed.

Avg. Copied Trade Size, What does it mean?

As your opening a copy you also set the amount of money you will put into the copy. Always make sure that the average is above $1 to make the most of the copy. As there is a minimum trade value of $1, any trade that is below this amount will not be opened.

How does it work?

The CopyTrader works on a % based system. If a person you copy has 10% invested in AAPL then 10% of your copy funds will also be used to open a position on AAPL.

If the person you copy closes a trade, it will also close on your Copy.

If they open a position the same will happen in the Copy trade.

The same applies to ALL Stoplosses and Take Profits.

When you open a copy your Copied positions will open at the 'Market Value' at the moment that you open the copy or the price that the market that the stock is located opens for trades.

You can manually close any trade with-in the copy as if it is your own, BUT beware it cannot be re-opened unless you close the Copy down and then re-open.

Do I Copy 'Open Trades'?

If you tick this box then all trades with-in that profile will be opened at current market value (or at market open value, if market is currently closed)

Personally I advise my Copiers to copy all open trades as I am a long term trader it will take quite a while for all your funds to be used.

Why do traders advise you to copy with a minimum $....?

As mentioned earlier there is a minimum CopyTrader value of $1 on each trade. Any CopyTrade that is below $1 will not be opened.

E.g. You copy a trader that has a total equity of $10,000.

You copy them with $100.

Any trade that is opened by the Copied Trade of less than $100 in value will not be opened in your Copied trade on your profile. As the value of that trade would be below $1.

I hope this helps clear up some of the technicals of the Etoro CopyTrader system, there will be more posts relating to this added to the blog and to a dedicated page on the site.

If you want to Copy me click the eToro logo in this article and then look for Willscuba after you've signed up.

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