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The First Daily Update on our site!

Good Afternoon all Copiers and Followers and welcome to the daily snap-shot

As most of you know this is the time of day that I report the daily gains and losses of more than 1% of the stocks in our portfolio to give us all a better picture of what the stocks are up to, as the Cryptos can skew the figures of the stocks.

HOWERVER today is a little bit different...

1, There is a new crypto that is available to trade on Etoro as an individual (if you were quick enough to get some before it vanished again...

2... Slightly more ground breaking, it will be the first daily update on my new website

So here goes!


$sbny 2.54% Wow this is one of the few times this stock makes it on to the winners list, but lets hope the good times roll! And this stronge outing gets its ⭐️

$gs 1.65% the stock most of us love to hate as every time their analysts open their mouths it usually wipes out a good chunk of value of our stocks, however does give us good buy in points.

$key 1.42% seems there's a little shake up in the financials

$wmt 2%

$jpm 1.9%

$z 1.62% still one of my favorite stocks and will be upping the amount we have invested in the near future I think.

$amp 1.09% this means all our financials are on the winners list today!

$ 2.09% another good performer that will get another small infusion next time there is a correction in the stocks.

Well a round up of the winners isn't too bad.


$goog -2.55% one of the strange ones, did all the right things in the earnings report but fell flat due to some profit taking after hours last night and then the slide has slowed today but still down. I will be keeping the leveraged positions slightly longer than i had hoped but will be keeping them none the less as I think the recovery will be swift.

Well apart from the cryptos that's the only red there is.

I managed to get in on the $etc train before it ran out even with the crazy spread, but I can see that coming down over the next few days.

Opened two small SHORT positions on $btc and $ethereum as the red has reappeared and will have to start the road to recovery all over again.

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