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Daily Snap-Shot July 26 2017

Daily update July 26 2017

well what an interesting day so far today. I'm thinking of adding something extra to the day's snapshot, of trades that were opened and closed of that day and what % of profit were made.

But back to the snap shot so far today


$ 3.34% very volatile lately

$bt.l 1.37% really looks like it has shook the bears off its back recently 🐻

$tsla 1% exactly on the boarder of making the list.

$ea 3.34% making a good ground recently! And its earnings are due out tomorrow... will it impress and is it worth the bet of beating expectations..?

$amp 4.1% after beating expectations and showing a 4% up YoY the proof is in the share price.

$baba 1.56%

$ 2.65% a good showing today as well.

$amd 4.75% Definitely the winner today! Not only from the raise of the day, but also because the x2 trade that was cashed out nearly at the peak of its price today creating a 18.94% profit.


$sbny -1.34%

$key -2.06%

The portfolio has seen quite a good showing today, and hopefully $ethereum will wake up and start heading in the right direction.

Closed trades

LONG AMD at 15.52 with a profit 18.94%

SHORT BTC at 2482.92 at 2%

#Etoro #copytrade #etorocadet #risingstar

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Daily report Correct at time of writing Biggest Gain Moderna +7.68% Biggest loser $BTC -7.8% Wow what a day! $BTC has finally seen more of a drawback, and about damn time! Been waiting a good few days

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