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Apple showed they had Bite in 2017, stock summary

Apple (AAPL) 2017 Overview


Current value $169.23

52 Week Range 114.73 - 177.13

1 Year Return 46.04%

Market Cap 867.51B

P/E Ratio 18.39

Revenue 219.74%

EPS 9.2

Dividend 2.52 (1.49%)

I have many a time called Apple the darling on the US stock market, as it seems that it can’t do any wrong.

During the year it had numerous analysis saying that it was greatly over valued and then with the Earning Reports showing gleaming results its gone strength to strength. Even the court cases that have been brought against it have barely made a dent in their share price.

In 2018 we are awaiting the HomePod to come about. I truly believe that all what Apple need to really get the ball back rolling again is to go back to the old spec on advertising.

They used to really pounce on the WOW factor, something they’ve lost a little bit of. As some of you may know I a Mac enthusiast (before the days of the ‘i’ generation of product came about). There is many a time that when I’m using one of my Apple devises that the people around me take notice and the comment ‘.... I never knew it could do that’ get flung around. Eg. The double tap on the AirPods that you can program to do different functions. I usually wear one in work most of the time to do handsfree calling and telling Siri to phone someone always raises eyebrows of people in earshot and very often leads to questions about them.

Back to the matter at hand though...

The services sector of Apple is starting to really come along, this is where there is HUGE profitability and is an area where they could really push. There are rumors that Apple will start producing its own tv productions to enter the space of Netflix and Amazon in the not too distant future.

The iPhone X apparently is doing quite well in China. But trying to find credible sources reporting one way or the other is difficult at the best of times as there is always so much hype, more so about Apple’s demise than their raise to the top.

I don’t expect the same type of gains as 2017, but I will keep the BUY $200 rating and then reevaluate around each Earnings report release.

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