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Ho Ho Ho! Wills Naughty and Nice List of 2017

End of year summary

Well another year done and dusted! Here is the overview of the naughty and nice list... Lets just say there's A LOT more on the Nice list than the naughty!

Evaluation of end of year completed trades. I suggest that you get comfy maybe with a big cup of coffee to keep you company!

In this report I will be covering the past 12 months of our closed trades, this will not cover our active trades.


Last 12months 152.14% (as of 31.12.2017)

Total Trades 1296

Closed trades 1936

Profitable Closed trades 84.25%

Average profit per trade 13.12%

Average loss per trade -15.86%

Profitable trades 84.34%

72.14% Cryptocurrencies

25.43% Stocks

0.78% People

0.62% Commodities

0.69% Currencies

0.31% Indices

0.08% ETFs

Trades per Week 27.12

Avg. Hold Time 3.5 weeks

Profitable weeks 71.43%

The chart shows the Average % of profit per trade of each instrument. Along with the % of Overall invested equity (The accumulated $ investment divided by the value invested in each instrument)


The best performing profit/equity ratio is DASH, this is because the trades were longer running and the TP of 50% and even one of them at 64.47%.

Bitcoin, We had a total of 222 closed trades throughout 2017.

During the huge breakout we used a single leg tSL and order strategy.

-This means that We would open trades, wait until they were in a healthy green margin and then usually set a trailing stoploss with a buffer of approximately between 5%-10%. In conjunction with setting orders on any corrections that came about. We also had a set amount of our trades left to run to follow the trend with very wide stoplosses and take profits.

Although we would have made more profit if we had kept trades open, Bitcoin was in uncharted territory and I would much rather protect profits and use caution than trade on FOMO (fear of missing out).

Ethereum, had one of the lowest % of return on investment but the sheer volume of trades protecting profits often and using then using those funds to buy in at a lower value along with diversifying into other areas it has helped tremendously in bringing stability to the portfolio.

It did however cause us to see a huge drawdown period due to our x2 leveraged trades during the summer months. But our patience held out and we saw good gains before closing them to stay a member of the Popular investor program. As can be seen from the small % of return this was only part of the portfolio that brought us good gains.

XRP, This is an anomaly in the system at the moment. With only 7.03% profit on our closed trades it is of the smallest closed % of profit of the cryptocurrencies. However we still have quite a fair amount of exposure in over active positions tallying 130% profit. We have held and closed 96 trades of XRP this year.

Litecoin, has been one of the quite performers off our holdings this year. With an average of 19.81% profit per trade it gets very little amount of press on my updates as it has been walking quietly with a big stick.

Stocks evaluation

This is where the figures are more skewed as we are only focussing on closed trades and the majority of our trades have been very long term and still running. However there are some stand outs that are worth a mention.

First Solar,

One of my personal favourite stocks that seem to have been adopted by quite a lot of traders this year. Renewable energy I see as a huge area of growth and after the most recent Earnings report we managed to capitalize on the break out, closed the trades and then got back in at quite a good buy rate. This protecting of profits has given us the opportunity to hold First Solar, and even diversify into their competitor of SolarEdge Technologies. We are now using both to hedge each other.

Netflix, We have seen quite a good return with Netflix for this year (16.68% return) and have ridden the waves quite well. They are one of the few companies that seem to be able to take it to Amazon as a media outlet. With their focus being to expanding their in-house programs and movies, coupled with their world expansion plan could see them have another growth cycle for 2018.

BT Limited, Before their huge drawdown with news of their Italian branch fiddling their numbers, along with the different OFCOM findings that they were purposely slowing their competitors broadband and more recently the loss of faith with the most recent election in the UK with a small risk of being privatized increasing (I don’t see this ever happening) plus Brexit -WOW a lot has gone wrong for them this year- We managed to close out some trades in healthy profit (13.76% ROI). We even have some green trades in our portfolio at the moment. Bullish signs have been starting to show up for them going into 2018.

Nvidia, It has been a turbulent year for Nvidia in 2017. We ended up holding our trades longer than I would have expected to but we managed to pull almost ten percent profit out of then (9.98% ROI)

AMD, I think this is one of the bears favorite technology stock to short! Even with one of their Earnings Reports being very good earlier in the year we saw corrections that plunged us into the red for a short time, but once again we protected our profits once back into the green and have seen a very respectable 14.15% ROI.

WalMart, After looking deeper into their business model in June and reading up multiple reports on them, we have gone Long on them into 2018. We have seen a 14.15% ROI.

X, United States Steel Corp. This is the only loss on stocks worth any mention at all, I still stand by my decision to close the trades at a loss, as the funds went to better uses as we would still be seeing a red on their current share price. We did see however one of the best SHORTing of a stock for the year with 24.22% being cashed out with-in 24hrs of the trade being opened. The ROI was -5.55%.

BABA, This has the highest ROI at 15.72%, as I have let this stock tick over in the background with out doing any real day trading on it.

Google, Another of the high % performers of the year, but this was mainly due to the leveraged trades that I opened just before one of their earning reports was released and then we saw a drawdown immediately so were stuck with them for a while. In hte end the x5 trades paid off and we more than cleared the fees that had built up.

Last but not least

Apple, The darling of the stock market has seen us invest a fair amount of capital on and off mainly due to the fact that I have been cycling the trades through out the year and there has been fairly long periods where it hasn’t made it into our portfolio. I believe there are other technology stocks out there that will give better returns. However I feel comfortable with Apple as they have such a huge cash surplus in their war chest showing they have learnt their lessons of the past to always have a rainy day fund 😉


This is merely a summary of what we have invested in the most, the stocks that haven’t made an appearance on here is due to the fact that the end value of the closed trades wasn’t sufficient to make them worthy of a mention here. They may get a mention in the other reports that will be published over the next week.

PLEASE note the bars on the graph do not directly represent the profit each instrument has brought us, but the % of the total accumulated equity invested.

So in simple terms. You add the total amount of $ that has been invested in any one instrument over the year then divide that by the value of all the $ value of all opened trades.

It indicates the rotation of funds throughout the year and where they were allocated. It’s not the most important statistic with in the portfolio but gives you an idea of how much value has been invested in each area through out the year. (Phew... it does sound way more complicated than it is!)

The Cryptocurrencies have certainly pulled their own weight this year but I am pleasantly surprised that some of them have had less funding spent on them that some of the stocks that we hold. Ethereum I would say is the red herring out of all of them and the tables are skewed because while there was x2 leverage we were making a lot of short term trades taking a lot of small % profits to really help diversify the portfolio. In the later part of the year I would say that our lower Risk strategy has started to pave the way for 2018 to reduce our drawdowns by rebalancing the entire portfolio.

I will also be releasing a report on each stock that we currently holding as a fairly in-depth write up of their yearly performance and what our plan is for each one going into 2018.

Many thanks for making it through to the end of the report 😉 its taken a fair amount of coffee to get everything into the summary of 2017.

See you on the other side 👌


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