AMD Taking off in After-hours Trading

July 25, 2017

The earnings report was out after the market close today. 


Currently the stock is smashing the after hours market and at time of writing it is 8% up. 


Amd just managed to report an adjusted profit after everything was taken into account. With a profit of $0.02 EPS and with a $1.22 billion for the quarter. Analysts on average expected the company to break even on the quarter. 


One of the most important things is that AMD raised their forecast for the annual revenue that was expected to be the in the low teens and now is expected to be in the mid to high teens that is VERY important for future investors. 




Currently AMD is in our Etoro portfolio 

And is taking up 5.89% of the equity including the x2 position that was opened yesterday that will receive a good push on the market open. So a big congratulations to all of you sticking with me through the big corrections we've had over this month! Along with a very big Thank you as well!



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