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What a WEEK

What a week what a week!

In a week that has seen record highs and corrections across the board!

First... lets cover a bit of the crypto markets.

$BTC has seen a record high breaking the 50k mark... The JOYS of crypto... when everything technical says that we should have had a big correction by now, it just keeps going and going...

The feeling of deja vu is very eerie.... we had a similar climb up to the 10k mark a few years back and then we saw the same thing of another huge push upwards... so either we could be yet to see another huge climb... or if the 50k was the peak could be in for a huge tumble.

We are going to play it cautious. The chances of a fall are fractionally greater for a fall and no point buying in more when at all all time high one way or another....

NOTE I am still very bullish on the very term future of bitcoin!

$XRP Looks like a huge monstrous mountains on the charts and very very volatile... going to hold what we have and maybe ad a little more in the future after an eventual correction.

$FSLR We added more back into our portfolio and very much on the ‘trading’ side of things instead of the ‘trading’ side of things. We’re in it for the long hall on this one!

$SHOP Another one that we’ve added back into the portfolio, think its going to be a good one to keep on the investment side of things along with the payment companies ie $V

$GS Maybe finally the sleeping giant has finally awoken and they’ve got their asses into gear and get things put in place to best capitalize like they should have been for the past couple of years.

I would also like to welcome the new copiers that have been copying me. I’m looking at trying to keep my updates more regular and informative.

Stay safe


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