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How We Are Capitalising on the Bears in the NASDAQ

Project Daedalus

Hedging procedure up and running.

Seems like the major indices are really taking a pounding once again today.

With a huge amount of headline risks factored in means there’s a huge amount of bears out pulling the bulls.

I have implemented a huge amount of hedging into our indices holdings. I am not an all in bear as I use SHORTS to hedge our risk out.

After opening some short trades early in the morning (UK) we are now seeing some good gains on them.

Even during the small amount of bullish action in the day we crucially did not break the pivot point. Along with not breaking the plane on the Stochtastics and RSI.

One of the major things that has bothered me on the bullish trend is how much higher than its 200MA and even during the major correction in January we didn’t clip it unlike the Dow and the S&P did.

I will be keeping our shorts open for the time being but it bounces off a support level I will be setting trailing stoplosses in the green.

Also in a news interview on Bloomberg Wilbur Ross, US secretary of Commerce, leaked in a very understated comment that there are more announcements next week by Trump but that he didn’t want to step on the Presidents toes.

‘Sell the rumor, Buy the fact’

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