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Project Daedalus

Project Daedalus

Time to get to the heart of it all!

Part 1

We all know Crypto are being a blight on a lot of portfolios on here, and we are no exception.

I have been doing a fair amount of short turn around trades to slowly keep topping up the profit of each month in the back ground.

Every cloud has a silver lining, the volatility is back in the US markets and the boat is starting to rock, this lends itself perfectly to get in and get out with profits in the US Equities and the Indices as well.

There are a lot of news articles and geo-politics that if we were in last year the markets would just smile and keep going on regardless but now there are definite waves in the water with volatility rife in the markets!

All these small % make drops in the puddle that then becomes an ocean.

Part 2

Daedalus will not be flying any closer to the sun, and is there to reduce the exposure to crypto by reducing the overall allocation by cashing out profits to continuously increase the total fundings but also is there to hedge in some ways the falling crypto with shorts in $XRP and $BTC , these will be place around pivot points via orders and predetermined TP markers to cash out when they hit the next pivot resistance or big figures. This will be done with a high degree of caution as working without a SL on eToro comes with its own risk!

We will be running with limited exposure in this way and only starting the short off after a big jump upwards, to then ride the down trend.

Current stats


Balance 28% (free funds)

Of used funds;

Stocks 39.14%

Crypto 16.65%

ETFS 4.96%





YTD 22.1%

MTD 1.59%

WTD .66%

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What a Day

Daily report Correct at time of writing Biggest Gain Moderna +7.68% Biggest loser $BTC -7.8% Wow what a day! $BTC has finally seen more of a drawback, and about damn time! Been waiting a good few days

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TRADING carries risk! only trade with money that you are willing to lose! 

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