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Fridays Lock-Ins of Profit FEB 23

Good afternoon all copiers and followers.

A quick over view of the locking ins of profits that ive pushed through today as there might be a softening of the markets late in the day as we’ve seen most of the days this week.

$NVDA close trade 23.34% in the green. After seeing a jump up after $BAC have said both $amd and $NVDA should be bought on the back of the crypto boom when it goes up.

$sbux .67% a tiny profit as I am looking to move some funds around.

$msft reducing our exposure for the time being with the stock doing a bit of a push today and wanting a lower buy in point. .39% and 9.74%

$aapl 2.02% just reducing some exposure and locking in some profit including the refunds after the payouts of the dividends.

$nsdq100 10% in the green. Taking some off the table with the weekend coming up and getting away from some of the fees.

$amzn 12.35% just somelocking in profits looking for a better buy in rate.

$nflx 6% more locking in profits.

$pep .76 moving some money over to $ko (Coca-Cola)

$eustx50 1% with the potential drawdown coming up with the effects of the hole in the EU funding with Britain taking their ball away of all their funds, as it comes to light what the deal could entail. Looking for a better buy in rate.

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