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AMD retracing steps, and GOLD on the move.

Good Morning every one!

Nightly run down

$AMD after hours yesterday announced that they are susceptible to the Spectre bug that have been found in $INTC chips.

This was after the CEO of AMD stated that they weren’t effected at all last week after the news broke on the Intel problem. Since then the aftermarket trading closed down -3.21% and is likely to get battered in the opening of trading at 14:30 GMT (please note! Because liquidity all dry up trading wont start on here for around 30 minutes as we have witnessed in the past. This is not eToro trying to steal your money, its just how the markets work when volatility all drys up)

In other news $GOLD and the other metal commodities keep marching on wards. And I’ve Opened a day trade position and slowly topping up the leverage, and then increasing the stoploss to prevent any premature cashing out. The main pivot point is 1321 and I’m looking at cashing out at 1333 currently but might close earlier to avoid the fees over the weekend. This is all in conjunction with the 2018 plan and strategy to start ticking over some very nice profits away from the crypto markets along with hedging the US markets that are either due a correction or entering a super-cycle bull run.


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