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GE Can you feel the Electric...?

General Electric $GE


Current value 17.45

52 Week Range 17.21 - 31.79

1 Year Return -44.8%

Market Cap 151.33B

P/E Ratio 21.57

Revenue 119.3B

EPS 0.8091

Dividend (Yield) 0.48 (2.75%)

General Electric has really been through the ringer as of late!

As once hailed as the Darling of the Stock Market wasteful spending, bad corporate culture and lack of innovation has seen it fall very hard.

However, I believe the worse may soon be over.

I wrote a previous article about GE stating that their new CEO has been promoted from with-in for their healthcare sector that has been praised for its innovation and was a major contributing factor to John Flannery getting the big chair.

He has already cut back a lot on corporate spending and has a clean up program in place that should start to come to fruition with-in two years, but I expect to see a healthy raise in the share price with -in 12 months.

The other reason why I am holding on to GE stock is that when/if the correction comes

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