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What Did you Miss Today

Good afternoon all copiers and welcome to those that have recently copied.

Today I have opened up a few positions here and there.

$ltc $btc have had small positions added to their total this evening.

$dash was added at 7:20 this morning and is currently hovering around the 18% mark and the $ethereum trade I opened just after midnight is doing quite well at almost 6% up in a day as well.

Our $fslr trade that I opened yesterday with x2 (I know I know very rare I use leverage) is in the green and set to cash out at 10% profit.

On the stocks its a pretty red day on the intraday. Nothing too major but more red than green but all by small %.

Cryptos have been fairing better and currently keeping us in the green on the intraday with a small boost from $bch the main push from Dash.

On the week so far $amd is the biggest gainer of our stock trades at almost 7%.

$wmt is finally on the rise after a couple of weeks trading sideways. With all of our holdings (even the leveraged ones in the green)

There’s no bottom feeding stocks for today as nothing really takes my fancy and I want to reduce our overall exposure for the christmas break.

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What a Day

Daily report Correct at time of writing Biggest Gain Moderna +7.68% Biggest loser $BTC -7.8% Wow what a day! $BTC has finally seen more of a drawback, and about damn time! Been waiting a good few days

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