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Weekly Round Up Nov 25 2017

Weekly round up November 25

As the portfolio has grown in diversity and size, reporting weekly on each of the stock has become more difficult to put together. But after compiling a lot of data together to get an accurate auto updating report system I can now give weekly round ups a lot easier.

I’m going to do it similar to the way the daily snapshot was done with .5% as a limit. So the movement has to be +/- by .5% to get a mention.

The winners in the portfolio for the week

$AAPL with a 2.83% gain on the week the stock is still the darling out there, In the future I will be looking to add to this long term position.

$MSFT 1.04% After getting closed out the other week, I decided to recently re-add positions back into the portfolio and will continue to HOLD unless there is a correction and a good entry point presents its self.

$FSLR .71%A couple of dollars off its all time high and has been pretty sideways for this week. After buying in during the dip and closing positions before it has been a pleasant little money maker. I see 57 as a BUY signal, but unless some really bad news comes out I don’t see this stock returning for a while.

$BRK.B .72% One of our longest standing trades in the whole portfolio, after spending a good couple of months in the red when I first added it to the portfolio the stock has now balanced out quite nicely, I will be closing the position at 190 though as there are stocks that I can invest the capital in to give a better return.

$NFLX 1.32% One of the few competitors to Amazon that seems to give it a bit of a bloody nose. The completion is heating up in this space but there is still a lot of ripe feeding ground of all those traditional satellite and cable customers around the world that are being converted. Hold rating for me.

$NVDA 2.65% One of the chip makers that doesn’t have the negative sentiment that the likes of $AMD has around it. I may cycle out one of my positions that is approaching gather 30% profit mark to free up some of the unrealised profit and then open a new position to replace. HOLD for me.

$BABA 3.27% Just when you think this stock has hit a wall, it takes a couple of paces back and charges right through the resistance. Will soon cycle the +30% position. I will increase our holdings by 0.3% of total equity at a good buy in rate.

$AMP .81% One of our most profitable financial sector buys. Looking to increase this as well by .3% of equity. But may wait till January to do so.

$Z 2.85% Don’t let the current red in the portfolio fool you, YoY this stock has gained 18.19%. I am currently happy with our exposure, but give a BUY rating if we free up a lot of capital to add to it.

$BT.L .65% Looks like the bottom is in sight and once it shakes off a few bears we should start to see more rises.

Once a strong BUY signal is created I will increase our holdings for LONG.

$ULVR.L 2.49% Going from strength to strength since Warren Buffet aproached them.

$BA 1.38% Currently HOLD

$V 1.96% I’m cautious about Visa, seems like the barbarians are at the gate, with crypto closing in. I will HOLD for now.

$TWX .88% HOLD

$LMT 1.98% HOLD

$ATVI 3.01% After bottom feeding the stock a while back we are seeing some good returns. I’m cautious about it being so close to its ATH. HOLD

$MT.PA 4.25% Another nice little pick up from our bottom feeding efforts. Happy with our holdings in it. HOLD

$NOC 1.98% The defense sector had a good week.

$SQ 10.59% This stock just doesn’t know how to slow down. May cycle our +30% next week.

$IBKR 2% One of my personal favorites, started out with a curiosity by finding by accident on eToro and after researching decided it has a very bright future.

That’s it for all the stocks that have seen gains this week.

There are actually only very few that have seen a downturn. The main one of note is

$JD.CH -2.58% I will be reducing our exposure here as its volatile and sideways at the moment.

The other one that has seen a major hammering is

$CNA.L -14.67% I have opened a small position during the major correction and already in the green. Should be interesting in the coming week.


For these I am going to give a month overview. Most people over look this time scale as its an eon in the crypto world but is does lend some perspective.

$BTC 30% After all the good press about it, there was a huge influx of new money that pushed it to amazing ATH.

$ETHEREUM 49% Now greatly benefitting from the new money starting to trickle down to the other Alt-Coins. With its recent long awaited break out we’ve done very well from it.

$XRP 16.5% A slow steady gainer over all and the peaks and dips have allowed us to close out a few positions in the green and then re-enter at lower buy in points. Still expecting a healthy return on it.

$ETC 97% I would say the dark horse and greatly overlooked, maybe it benefited from its name sake $ethereum having such a good break out as its been know to happen similar sounding instruments having a knock on effect.

$DASH 105% A monstrous gain for the past month! I only recently added a lot more to our portfolio, but will hold more of this into the future.

$LTC 39% Also a nice little money maker.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the weekly round up. If you have please be sure to like and share on the various social media and also on eToro to spread the good word.

Green trading to everyone!


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