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Can Hasbro Feel The Force?

Can Hasbro Feel the Force?

In after hour trading last Friday the news was broken by the Wall Street Journal that there could be possibly talks of Hasbro taking over Mattel.

This then sent the stock price to shoot up more than 20% in after hour trading and sees our positions grow by 20% if the rumor holds into the opening of the markets.

Mattel $MAT has seen some very turbulent times of late and have corrected spectacularly since their earnings review missed all expectations.

Hasbro $HAS on the other hand has been recently been looking to either merge or take over another company to get a golden ticket into movie memorabilia, after in 2014 held merger talks with DreamWorks. Who then went on to be bought up by COMCAST ( $CMCSA.O )

Even more recently HASBRO tried to buy Lionsgate Entertainment ( $LGFa.N ) but this deal also fell through.

This could well be a good match to be made, However the main snag in this buy out could be the shareholders showing major resistance at being bought out at such a low share price.

Only time will tell if Hasbro can really get its hands on The Force and make the most of Mattel’s Movie memorabilia.

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