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The Intraday round up so far OCT 30... A sneaky stock that is running +9% so far!

Oct 30

Daily round up/snap shot

So its that time of the day again.

When there has been such volatility in the markets today its only right that I give a quick update on our portfolio to the stocks that wouldn’t normally be on many copiers personal portfolios

Here’s the winners for today

$AAPL 1.96% seems like the new iPhone has sent the hype around this stock through the roof again and has made good gains. *I will be waiting till the hype calms down to increasing our holdings in Apple.

$NVDA 1.05% only just in on our 1% rule.

$BABA 2.19% The stock that just seems to keep growing and growing. I’m giving a HOLD rating at the moment.

$MAT 9.79% ... no this IS NOT a brand new crypto on the market, I’ve managed to add a position into our portfolio earlier and since then it has jumped 4%, have already set and order at a lower rate as I think it has hit rock bottom and then became oversold last week after its earnings release.

Losers of the day so far.

$BAC -1.15% After such a big bull run and so many breakouts a small correction today and have set a small order (0.33% of our equity) at 27.5

$WMT -1.54% I’ve used this opportunity to increase our holdings in WMT as I am a great believer in putting my money where my mouth is from my analysis the other day of $AMZN

$AMP -1.34% I’m happy with our exposure at the moment to AMP but it has been truly one of our star financial investments so far this year.

$AMD -8.53% After lowering their expected earnings, they have really suffered a drop in value, I have an order set for 10.5.

$KEY -1.25% following the general down turn in the financial sector at the moment.

$SBNY -2.06% same downturn so far.

All in all I am happy with today so far as we are in the green on the intraday at the moment.


$BTC $ETHEREUM $DASH $LTC $ETC have been pretty sideways today....

Where as $XRP has really started to break out... where it will end up we will have to see.

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