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Risk score update eToro

To all copiers

Yesterday according to the stats my account hit risk 7 and i am for the time being un-copyable by any one new.

I then proceeded to take quite big steps to reduce our exposures and risk. Since then ive done quite a bit of self assessing. I have since then worked out that most likely the profiles are updated on here on the 15th of every month and that is when the risk score 7 blip that i had last month has actually been seen and that's why my account got flagged.

Ultimately there is no point crying over spilt milk and i should have been a bit more careful as the score system is there intimately to protect all of us.

After saying all that, after reducing a great deal our risk i believe now i can get back to doing what i was doing best for the account by day trading on $btc

...So GOOD news i am setting up some orders at staggered good entry points and we should now see the typical 4% returns again each day.

I wish Green Day's to everyone out there and very much looking forward to getting new copiers again.

Disclaimer, None of the information contained with in this site is trading advice and should not be considered as trading advice! It is merely documenting my personal journey trading and outlines what actions I have taken, and what steps I will be taking. 

TRADING carries risk! only trade with money that you are willing to lose! 

Liverpool, UK