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Weekend snap snot

What a weekend its been so far.

The stocks that we are holing have shown some improvements have started to recover for now.

The big news is though that BTC have been making huge gains over the weekend, we've used this opportunity to close a few trades

One of the trades closed out on its trailing stoploss @3423 6.8% profit

The others all cashed out at 4000




I believe that prudence is in order concerning BTC as there is bound to be a correction and i have placed orders accordingly to cash in on the way down.

I think there are some copiers still out there that dont have enough capital invested the copy to activate the x2 and x5 BTC trades. So i advice all to double check to make sure!

The day trade positions are going quite well so far today.

$Ethereum has taken a big correction so far today and this has activated some of our orders as well

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