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Daily snap shot (Copiers Edition)

Welcome to today's snap shot...

It's a little later than normal but ive had a lot on my plate today away from the stock markets, but managed to set up a few orders and trailing stop losses through out the day so protected some profits

Here's today's breakdown of winners and losers.

Can all copiers please go to the copiers section if your not there already for a more in-depth report and foot notes.


Tsla 2.83%

'In Musk we trust' I wouldn't exactly go that far but Musk seems have far more impact on his own stock than everything else puts together, seen as the 'fan boy' stock for its cult like following.

AMP 1.03%

One of our best performing financial sector stocks will be looking for a good entry point before the tax reform bill is announced 1.24%

Will be looking to add more to this as well with the newly freed up equity from the Crypto holdings and putting the money to work.

Well that's all the winners in the stocks today

Here's the losers

FSLR -1.5%

After getting the gold star so many times in a row a correction was bound to happen and will set an order or two for more positions. At 47.5 and 47.25

NVDA -1.19%

Maybe a good entry point turning up now that BTC fork is over and done with. Holding for the time being.

NFLX -1.64%

Looking for a good entry rate to increase our holdings in NFLX. Updated! I will not be increasing our holdings in Netflix due to DIS removing material from it

AMD -2.38%

HOLD currently


All of them have really firmed up today giving us the opportunity to cash out some of our day trades along with some of our slightly longer positions.

Currently reducing holdings in ETHEREUM to try and mitigate the negative impact the unrealized profit is having on our risk score, will still keep day trading on its volatility though

Hope you have enjoyed the little bits of more information that has appeared in Bold concerning you more directly on your holdings by copying me.

I will be refining the information that i put out there so that way my copiers get a more premium service in either more information or earlier information.

I would also like to say a big thank you to all the copiers that have stuck with me through the major correction of ethereum and now seeing green for the first time in a long time even though ether is still a very long way off its previous glory!

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