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Daily Snap shot

Daily Snap shot

Just a quick update on the website first.

I'm almost finished sorting out the copiers only section, I think i will be organizing it as a membership of a copier where you sign up with an email and your etoro username to gain access to the portfolio insights of up coming strategies.

And then none copiers can give a donation to become a member. (Any thoughts are welcome in the comments box!)

So down to business

The winners for today

fslr 1.21% getting back up to its all time highs coming up, will wait for a correction to buy more.

gs 1.18%

NVDA 2.66%

WMT 1.04%

Z 4.36% A really good bullish run at the moment due to earnings report.

BABA 2.58%

AMD 1.98%

JD.CH 1.75%

And the Losers

DIS -1.06%

On the stocks overall its been a pretty bullish day.

The cryptos have been a mixed bag.

BTC had a good bullish run today, along with Ethereum, but currently going through corrections.

Where as ETC and XRP have been mainly bearish all day.


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What a Day

Daily report Correct at time of writing Biggest Gain Moderna +7.68% Biggest loser $BTC -7.8% Wow what a day! $BTC has finally seen more of a drawback, and about damn time! Been waiting a good few days

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