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EA, Amazon and First Solar reporting today


After the bell today EA will publish its earnings report.

So far everyone seems very bullish on this stock and it has been part of our portfolio for quite a while.

I have recently closed a couple of smaller positions in EA because of my stock 'culling' to limit our exposure to the stocks in general as a safety measure for when the markets have their corrections.

Unfortunately the position was opened part way into today's climb before the big correct that we have seen. How ever it has seemed to have found a good support so I will be keeping the position open. Through the earnings review as the fundamentals are sound and EA is a huge player in the gaming scene

I expect it to beat its expectations and should at least recover the ground lost today.


Is also due after the bell tonight, at the moment it is holding its own against the downdraught that is currently dragging down the major averages.

Side note the owner of amazon Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world today surpassing Bill Gates.

We will be holding all of our positions on AMZN and might even add a position or two with leverage over night.

First Solar

This is one that seems too good to be true, it has suffered in the same downdraught today.

However according to some analysts to should smash through over night and fly high, but I am being cautiously optimistic.

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