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Etoro's Copy Trader function does have quite a few subtleties that are quite clearly explained. So in this section I will try to better explain the Copy Trader system with all the ins and outs and sometimes strange anomalies that become a lot clearer after being explained

F.A.Q. Of The Copy Trader Feature of Etoro

Etoro Copy Trader: FAQ

I want to add more funds to the copy, will that be added to the current trades?

In short, NO. The only thing adding more funds to the account does is increasing the amount of funds that would be used to open new trades.... If you want to increase the amount invested in each trade it is advised to close the copy down and then reopen. 
Things to remember 
* Only close the trade while the UK and USA markets are open so you can fully close the trade and reopen (as, if the markets are open the trade wont fully close and will result in 'pending') 
* Keep the spread in mind, dependant on the make up of the portfolio at the time the spread can be anywhere from less than 1% to 2%, so try and wait till the average green is 2% 
* If ethereum and bitcoin are near their all time highs it will take a couple of days in some cases to fully return to green.

What happens when im copying you and you close a trade?

With in the copy the trade is also closed, however i take into account new copiers and always try to make sure that it will be in the green for everyone but this is not always possible as if the stock/currency drops dramatically it could effect far more of the copiers. So.. i avoid closing huge amounts of trades all in one go and when possible stager the take profits to minimise losses.

How do I see how much leverage are on the trades in the copy?

I get asked quite often how can i tell if i get the leverage on cryptos.

*1 open your portfolio and find the copy of me and open it 
*2 click the 'cog' shape in the top right, 
*3 at the bottom there is a customise button
*4 change one of the options to leverage

Why is there a 'Minimum Recommended Amount' for a Copy Trader?

The Copy Trader feature is based on a % base system. It has a minimum limit of a $1 trade. 

Eg. You open the copy with $100. I have $10,000 in my account as equity. 

Then I open a trade $100 (1% of my equity). 

Your copy will open a trade to the value of $1. 

However, if I open a trade for $50 ( .5% of equity) then the copy trade will not open because the value would be below the $1 minimum at $0.5

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