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WPP.L Flying High

Looks like a good day so far across the board on our holdings that are currently open.

$UK100 is tickling the green on the intraday at the moment along with the $EUST50 -hovering on the green just.

$MT.PA is almost a whole % up on the day as well just a couple more % raise and we will be back into the green.

$AZN.L is also doing well and up by .5% at time of writing.

$BT.L is up more than 1% and showing so gains as of late.

$DGE.L Diago I think will be buying the drinks for this evening as they are about 1% up as well.

$ULVR.L Looks like Unilever is doing pretty well with out the input of Warren Buffet. With 1.29% up on the day and doing quite well after the hype of the merger died down.

The Stock of the day though is $WPP.L Its currently up by more that 7% and looking like we got in at a very good entry point last week as the bad optics of the ex-CEO have now evaporated.

$EOS has had a pretty refreshing correction after the big bump upwards along with some of the other crypto.

I for one am quite happy this has happened as a bit off a correction is never a bad thing as long as we stay above major pivot and support lines on the big fish $BTC

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