GoldmanSachs Ready To Shine

April 11, 2018

This is one of my shorter time scale predictions heading into the earnings reports coming up. 


With all the volatility we have managed to open a couple of more postions during the beginning of the week that are already in the green, these are set with a x1 leverage on our PI profile on eToro (Willscuba). 


We currently have a reducing wedge but have seen some drawdowns recently to geo-politics. Making this a good time to increase our exposure by a small margin. 


The earnings report is due April 17 before the bell. 


The whisper on the street is $6.03 where as the consensus is $5.67. 


If the numbers come through better than expected for JPMorgan due this friday before the bell then that should start the ball rolling for all the other financial sector stocks that we are currently holding as they usually trade in sympathy if the first few do well -unless there is a really big red herring that crops up-. 


Even if the earnings disapoint we still have almost 20% free in the portfolio to capitalize on the dips that could occur just like we have with all the trade war news and potential rate hikes. 




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April 30, 2018

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