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Project DAEDALUS MARCH 19 2018 Update, Markets Crashing NASDAQ S&P500 DOWJONES

Project Daedalus Update

“Close when you can.... not when you have to,”

Today has seen a big sell off in US Equities, mainly in the Tech heavy NASDAQ - $NSDQ100 - this has been down to a multitude of factors.

One of the big drawdowns of the day has been FaceBook - $FB - as they have been implicated in personal information being shared via one of the app companies to the Trump social media advertising company, numbering in the millions private information! Facebook is almost breaking its 200MA and if that holds then it could see further falls dependant on the sheer amount of bad news that is in the air. There could be some litigation being imposed not only in the US but world wide to keep the social media companies in check.

Another blow to the tech sector is Tesla - $TSLA - as an UBER self driving car has collided and killed a pedestrian in Arizona, even though UBER is not a public ally traded company Tesla who is also creating self driving technology has felt the brunt.

So back to the

“Close when you can, not when you have to,”

This has preempted us to close even more holdings on our equities, locking profits and freeing up a lot of funds to “BUY the Dip!” As the FOMC meeting could push to four interest rate hikes instead of the three rate hikes that has been mainly priced into the markets.

We have closed trades and locked in profits in the following holdings;

$FITB 8.71%

$BRK.B 16.12%

$KO 1.25%

$TLT 1.53%

$BLK 2.85%

$IBKR 7.32%

$AMP 14.82%

$AMP 2.8%

$BAC 23.32%

$FSLR 5.94%

$STZ 0.6%

$NVDA 5.83%

$IBB 1.92%

$PYPL 8.14%

Along with a couple of XRP SHORT trades from yesterday

$XRP 1.9%

$XRP 19.66%

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