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Weekly Round Up JAN 12 2018

The hidden gems of the second week of 2018

This week I will be looking at the hidden gems of the week. Let’s start with the closed trades of the week

So far for this month we have added 17.45% on to our closed trades for January and thats if you haven’t added the extra 4% to the copy as I have over this week.

On the week we ant netted out 1.6% onto the realised profits (thats 1.6% of an increase on what we started the month with.

Noticeable trades from this week that have been closed was our slice of the pizza ( $DPZ ) With Dominos Pizza cashing out with a 30% increase, it was only a small % of the total portfolio but I’m going to be ramping up our day trading.

Of our Ethereum ( $ethereum ) trades we netted a very respectable 30.6% on the total amount invested and closed this week.

Gold ( $GOLD ) Has also made an appearance this week with my first day trades starting to come through on it and even managed to sneak in a x25 trade in there - we will be doing more day trading across all the commodities with trying to avoid any building up of fees by running quite tight trailing stop losses to make sure that we don’t get caught with too much exposure to any major legs down.

At the end of each week I will be looking to close out any leveraged traders that have built up any roll lever fees and try to keep the realize profits ticking over, with a target of 10% per month (this wont be possible every month but prefer to keep those realized profits ticking over).

*Highlights Reel*

Apple ( $AAPL 1.19%) Alphabet ( $GOOG 1.82%) Microsoft ( $MSFT 1.6% ) all saw rises on the week even though their devices were effected by the chip problems of AMD and Intel.

Alcoa ( $AA 4.94%) Saw a good gain on the week of almost five percent and looks to continue following up the commodities. Gold Saw an upturn of 1.39%, Platinum ( $PLATINUM ) saw an increase of 2.64%. While copper ( $COPPER ) had some slight consolidation along the minor trend line and saw a slight loss at -0/25%.

Bank of America has seen an upturn on the expectation that it will beat its earns estimates on JAN 17th (before market open).

2.84% up on the week.

General Electirc $GE 1.19%

If it can hold above its major trend line since just after the recession we could see a very rosey picture going into the future and we are running a couple of x10 trades after a small consolidation and sell off on Friday. We will have to wait until Tuesday though as the markets are closed on Monday in the US as its Martin Luther King day.

Intel $INTC -3.35%

At the front and centre of the Chip-gate scandal, its really felt the brunt of the market this week however all things considered a 3.35% drop I can live with on such bad news.

JP Morgan $JPM 4%

A nice round number on the week on its earnings report.

Tesla $TSLA 6.2%

With the buzz surrounding Tesla Stores, the stock price has taken a hike up as the interest in electric cars that Tesla has effectively managed to make a milk float into a cult of cutting edge technology and the cool factors of the first iPhone...

A good way of getting more people on board, ‘Yes you can buy one, and yes you’ll have to wait while we make it’.

First Solar 6.13%

The future is bright, even if Trump puts in the levy on panels being imported into the US First Solar isn’t that bothered and nor are its share holders.

Berkshire Hathaway 4.38%

Looks like good news coming from the tax bill has given Mister Buffet a boost in the arm.

Netflix $NFLX 5.35%

What’s better than Barclays giving you a boost to the share price by announcing that they could become the the second biggest media company in the world within three years!

Nvidia $NDVA 3.52%

Most definitely picked up the pieces of the Chip-gate fiasco!

Activision $ATVI 6.01%

Thank you very much Todd Gordon. Not only did he give a glowing recommendation on the fundamentals of Activision but also the TA of it as well. As we are now seeing a bullish run starting to form after it managed to make good headway into the $68 mark.

ArcelorMittal $MT.PA 7.71%

What a stock this bottom feeder has become! Just waiting for a slight correction to get some more skin on it.

PayPal $PYPL 6.9%

Another good showing by Paypal this week!

Advanced Micro Devices 15.56%

Even though they are susceptible to Spectre a brilliant timing on the press releases really helped push AMD over the top this past week.

Square $SQ 18.66%

Its about time that Square managed to get back on their bull run! Will be keeping a close eye on them running through to their earnings release on FEB 7 after the bell.

Editas Medicine $EDIT 9.21%

Its all in their genes 😉

*In a distant future*

‘Hi I’d like to order Cheetah speed, Owl eyes, and glow in the dark hair’

(And yes I know that this won’t be in the realms of possibility for the next few hundred years)

Centrica $CNA.L 5.64%

Who said cold weather is a bad thing...?

Barrick Gold $ABX 3.31%

Should be seen in the commodities section really.

Rig TransOcean $RIG 8.71%

We missed the first part of the bull run this week but managed to get on the ride in time and have seen some good gains this week!

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