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BANG! First week of 2018 Hits with a Bang! Stock Report

What a great start to the New Year!

Our portfolio really has rounded off the first week with a BANG!

Forty two of our stocks saw the week out in the green! (Intel still counts as we got in on a good bottom of the current dip)

This is purely a stock report however... XRP and Ethereum get an honorable mentions as they have both set all time highs this month!

We have started to implement our 2018 strategy to hedge our exposure to the US stock markets, however this will take time to slowly cycle through all the changes, but we have taken our first steps down the road by taking on a few more commodity rich stocks and directly in GOLD COPPER and PLATINUM.

If you’ve missed the 2018 Strategy follow this link.

Apple $AAPL 3.41%

After the fallout from the battery-gate scandal Apple has bounced back nicely and just keeps smiling along the way!

HOLD (unless a correction really shines through)

Google $GOOG 5.34%

Google is back in our portfolio after quite a long absence, the web giant/ tech giant should do very well of the corporate tax cut (that’s if they actually pay much tax in the first place..) However the repatriation breaks and the falling dollar could really set them up for a very good year if they bring funds back. Although Alphabet has never paid out a dividend, they could open the floor to a share buy back to increase their over all share value. With the original founders still holding their very powerful voting shares a dividend is unlikely to be payed out any time soon.


Microsoft $MSFT 3.1%

A high tide raises all boats!

Still HOLD as a hedge to Apple.

Alcoa $AA 0.41%

One of our new additions that is doing quite well recently. Its one of our components of the 2018 strategy and will become integral as it covers us on another asset class.

BUY $47

(+ Any strong corrections)

Bank of America $BAC 2.74%

Another good week for the financial sector as the tax bill is digested.


Disney $DIS 3.82%

As mentioned in my end of year, it seems like The Force teaming up with the X-men with The Avengers thrown in there as well has made a killer combo in pushing the share price back up!

General Electric $GE 6.25%

Wow what a GREAT first week to the year! Seems there is a lot of positive sentiment around GE at the moment, with a New Year and new beginnings! I’ve added a couple more positions to it as the pure nature of GE and the impact of the tax reform could really start their innovation drive with-in the US and really get some of their technical offices churning out some good ideas and get back to innovation. The weaker USD could really encourage them to repatriate funds back to the US.

BUY $18

Intel $INTC -3.08%

In the portfolio we are only a shave in the red with -0.1% in the red.

We saw a huge drawdown on the stock after the Spectre (not that easy to fix) was discovered as a flaw in their chips.

However it can also effect AMD chips as well. I will be looking to write up an article of the prospective impacts it will have on the chip making industry.

I’ll still be holding our current positions, but may close the one smaller one that is currently holding leverage on it.

I still see that the falls in Intel will give us great entry points to do some bottom feeding.


JP Morgan $JPM 1.31%

Another good week for JPM


Walmart $WMT 1.4%

A good start to the year, I will be very much looking forward to their earnings report due - at the moment- FEB 15.


Visa $V

Could be one of the financial transfer companies that Ripple have been referring to... If it is confirmed this could increase their efficiency and bottom line.


Time Warner $TMX

I will be culling Time Warner from our portfolio once back in the green as it looks like the take over is on hold for the time being by AT & T.

Tesla $TSLA 1.68%

Rumors abound as always. Part of me wishes that Elon Musk would just focus on one thing at a time and getting it perfect, but the multiple transport streams he’s going for do make sense long term and could have the rest of the truck manufactures putting in a top gear to catch up.


First Solar $FSLR 2.44%

Now the hedging is in full swing as the import restrictions don’t do any harm to First Solar but don’t do it any huge favors either. They are a little behind in their silicone based panels.


Berkshire Hathaway $BRK.B 1.15%

Just keeps going from strength to strength.


Electronic Arts $EA 0%

Pretty much ended exactly how it started...


Netflix $NFLX 9.39%

The best performing stock of the week!

Seems like the now film and series studio is really gaining more and more of a following. To me they are gaining more ground in front of the other competitors at the moment and world domination is on their minds.

The future has been ‘BRIGHT’ened!

Lockheed Martin $LMT 2.69%

Trouble in the Whitehouse will always spark this up a little.


Nvidia Corp. $NVDA 11.32%

Nvidia definitely picked up the pieces of Intel this week along with some off AMD aswell as the news broke they were susceptible for the faults as well.


Activision Blizzard $ATVI 4.82%

Game ON!


Constellation Brands Inc. $STZ -3.8%

One of our newest editions didn’t get off the best of starts this year, as Trump has nixed some of the legislation surrounding the marijuana legalization. How ever they also have holdings with in wine, beer and spirits and even have the Corona branding in the US.

Now matter what the economy does the drinks industry still keeps trundling onwards and we could see an increase in this stock if/when the the bubble deflates or pops in the US stock markets.

Alibaba $BABA 10.6%

Wow... seems like they were saving one of the best presents for just after the new year.

Part of the amazing gains this week have been down to the fact that in Asia their web browser has managed to take Google Chrome off the top spot for favored browser especially in India and Indonesia!

Long may Baba continue!

BUY $175

ArcelorMittal $MT.PA 4.93%