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Walmart, The Family Store 2017 Report


*Note all ratings are a personal rating for myself only and should not be used as financial advice.

WalMart $wmt


Current value 98.75

52 Week Range 65.24 - 100.05

1 Year Return 44.26%

Market Cap 293.09B

P/E Ratio 26.26

Revenue 485.25B

EPS 3.76

Dividend (Yield) 2.04 (2.07%)

Walmart is one of my favourite consumer driven stocks and has pushed out Amazon from our portfolio for the time being as Walmart has so much more room to grow and has relatively little dept.

It is still one of the few family run corporations that doesn’t overspend and here for the long run and not there for short term gains.

They have also done some rebranding this year dropping the ‘store’ part of their title.

Walmart are looking to reinvest the profits from their Tax break investing into the company and that I am happy with.

As I would much rather them reinvest then giving it out in dividends.

Walmart has been spending a fair amount of their profits on staff training over the past 12 months that have been weighing on profits. However this has really payed off during the Holiday season and could be looking forward to a Q4 earnings report.

I will be HOLD current positions and a LONG order at 97.8

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