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VISA 2017 Report

Visa $V

*Note all ratings are a personal rating for myself only and should not be used as financial advice.


Current value 114.02

52 Week Range 78.35 - 114.76

1 Year Return 44.04%

Market Cap 259.26B

P/E Ratio 42.17

Revenue 16.83%

EPS 2.7073

Dividend (Yield) 0.78 (0.68%)

Even though it is one of the lowest dividend out of all of our portfolio I am happy to keep it on our books.

Visa wont be going anywhere any times soon and the rumors of them using block chain to reduce their costs could really help with their overheads and really help with the bottom line.

They recently suffered a correction on December 4, as one of their most high profile Excec.s as he violated their code of conduct.

I am looking to Hold our positions for the time being.

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