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Tesla 2017 Track Record

Tesla $TSLA

*Note all ratings are a personal rating for myself only and should not be used as financial advice.


Current value 311.35

52 Week Range 210.91 - 389.44

1 Year Return 43.59%

Market Cap 52.31B

P/E Ratio -

Revenue 8.55B

EPS -8.56

Dividend (Yield) 0 (0%)

Tesla is a weird one, in the markets it has almost a cult following that they can’t fail and no matter what happens the BUYers keep on pumping it up.

On the other hand though it also manages to inspire the love or loath sentiment.

There are a huge amount of bears out there holding their shorts and trying to drive the price down.

Its chart wouldn’t look out of place some days on the more stable crypto charts that are out there.

I would go into the relative news about Tesla but Elon Musk has just as many headlines about him as Trump does. If they can pull off their aim then they could be hailed as the next Apple. Elon Musk does have a back history of achieving the unthinkable, but also has the unthinkable done to him (getting fired on your honeymoon is never nice ) I will be holding Tesla long term in our portfolio and could either go boom or bust dependent on pulling off the impossible. HOLD

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