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JP Morgan 2017 Report

JP Morgan Chase & Co. $JPM

*Note all ratings are a personal rating for myself only and should not be used as financial advice.


Current value 106.94

52 Week Range 81.58 - 108.4

1 Year Return 23.4%

Market Cap 371.05 B

P/E Ratio 15.41

Revenue 107.29B

EPS 6.49

Dividend (Yield) 2.24 (2.09%)

Another one of the banks that are with in our portfolio. The same thing goes for this as the others, the tax bill could increase their profits by 20% and should have a knock on effect to their share price along with their dividends.

The big banks have a huge surplus of funds if Trump manages to get some of the Dodd-Frank appealed or scrapped.

JPM hasn’t yet made a public announcement about their thoughts on the tax reform, but I’m sure there were a few smiles on the faces of the board when it was pushed through.


‘JPMorgan Chase & Co. can continue managing corporate retirement plans in the wake of recent guilty pleas to criminal charges, under new waivers announced by the Trump administration on Thursday.

The waivers, set by the Labor Department, are the latest fallout of the banks’ criminal convictions in market-manipulation schemes, which the firms collectively paid billions of dollars to settle in recent years. Without the waivers, the banks’ asset-management units would have been disqualified from managing retirement plans under U.S. law, even though the misconduct in question occurred in other areas of each of the banks.

The relief allows (JPMORGAN) to continue managing pensions plans and individual-retirement accounts, a significant source of business for each of the firms.’


JPMorgan in contrary to Jamie Dimon may soon start trading Bitcoin, or might already started doing so directly through the futures market. As well as some of its subsidiaries having already been trading in some exchanges.

For our portfolio current a HOLD rating.

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