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Microsoft’s 2017 Report

Microsoft $MSFT


Current value 85.54

52 Week Range 61.90 - 87.41

1 Year Return 37.03%

Market Cap 660.37B

P/E Ratio 29.1

Revenue 86.82B

EPS 2.94

Dividend (Yield) 1.68 (1.96%)

Microsoft has had a pretty good year as well.

Although I am a Mac fanatic it would be foolish not to hedge Apple against Microsoft! As I have stated many times I will trade in instruments that make us profit.

As Microsoft has a few more fingers in a few more pies (ie their gaming console) along with running a lot more of their own services instead of relying on third parties, the future is looking bright for them.

I personally haven’t even touched a Microsoft machine in years but do have a healthy respect for what they do.

We will be keeping them as a long term HOLD position, I may change this through out the year as developments with Apple come to fruition or fall by the wayside.

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