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Merry Christmas Copiers Round Up

DEC 22 Merry Christmas Round up

As the final Friday before the Christmas break this is going to be a fairly in depth over view of the majority of our stocks.

Let’s start with $AAPL +0.55%

Only a fraction up on the week but still a long term BUY rating $200.

$MSFT Saw a drop of -1.57% but will still keep it as a hedge against AAPL. BUY $95.

$BA +0.34% Saw a very slight increase but is no longer in our portfolio as the problems caused trying to close copy trades of this has gotten quite a few copies stuck in PENDING mode.

$BAC +2.65% Going from strength to strength with a boost from the tax bill. Is a long term investment in our portfolio. BUY

$DIS -2.34% The news of them taking over fox is an interesting twist in the tail at the end of the year. Disney has had to recent trend of buying up quite a few studio and putting them under the same roof. This might see the X-men joining the Marvel crew on the cross over as the ‘Mutant’ rights have been with FOX for a very long time.

$GE -1.96% A long term HOLD.

$JPM +1.21% HOLD

$WMT 1.07% My favourite pick over $AMZN for 2018. I see that Wal-Mart could out perform AMZN over hte next twelve months.

$V -1.09% HOLD

$TWX 2.32% I’m going to close this trade once its back in the green.

$TSLA -5.36% HOLD Will be closing some of our current positions once they are back in the green and diversify into Ford.

$FSLR -0.17% HOLD I’m very happy with the progress that this stock has made over the past twelve months and seems like word has gotten around as its in quite a few Green Star PI Portfolios.

$BRK.B 0.29% Hold Who doesnt like a Warren Buffet company.

$EA -3.13% BUY $100 I think EA will really turn it around in 2018 after the bitter taste of the past month or so with the payments fiasco.

$NFLX -0.16% HOLD

$LMT -1.5% HOLD

$NVDA 1.81% HOLD We’ve capitalized on the recent dip and have a nice entry position in there ready to mature.

$ATVI -3.43% HOLD Another good contender for 2018.

$BABA 1.36% HOLD

$MT.PA 5.05% A great Bottom feed from the other week! We are seeing an average profit on ArcelorMittal of 7.82% practically over this month as our first position was opened right at the end of November.

$JD.CH HOLD/ CLOSE, I will be reducing our exposure as soon as the Red is lifted.

$GS 0.51% a fractional gain on the week. HOLD.


$NOC -2.24% HOLD

$USB 0.13% HOLD our positions from the beginning of the month are fractionally in the red but like the long term growth.

$AMP 1.96% One of the best performing stocks we have in our portfolio and at any dips will be increasing our holdings in it BUY.

$AMD 2.33% starting to recover some of its lost ground and solidifying a support at $10.

$Z 2.06% HOLD

$KEY 3.34% A stand out in the financial sector this week. HOLD

$SQ -5.46% Getting to the point of being over sold and may increase our holdings if some good BUY signals are shown.

$SEDG -1.94% Still going to HOLD as a hedge to $fslr .

$BT.L -1.08% BUY At the moment this is one of the few stocks that I want to add to in the UK markets as the pounding it has taken over the past 6 months seem to be ending and has been on a slow recovery cycle.

$CNA.L 0.44% Still a good bottom feeder stock we have held on to to see where it goes. HOLD

$NG.L -0.24% HOLD

$ULVR.L -1.6% HOLD

$ABX 2.63% HOLD

$IBKR -.28% Currently 14.5% Green on average on our holdings. If we see a good correction I will be opening a small x2 Position to add to our current ones.

$SBNY 2.78% HOLD

$PYPL -2.52% I will be setting an order at $72 BUY

We have added a couple more different stocks to our portfolio that aren’t currently on the image over view.

$EDIT BUY $25. Editas has done remarkably well since we opened up a couple of positions. On average 17.55% green since the 11 DEC.

$UHS BUY $110. Ive been wanting to add more of the Health care sector into the portfolio for a while and Like the numbers on UHS.

$MAT Has made another appearance in our portfolio again and like the short term turn arounds and we are showing a 3.82% green.

Hope you have enjoyed the update for a leisurely read after your christmas dinners before going to sleep on the couch 🍻 🍷 🥂

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Willscuba.

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