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I love it when a plan comes together (weekly round up)

Well what a week its been! The tax bill bump and shuffle really had a minimalist result to our portfolio as a lot of the funds where drained from our tech stocks to be pumped into our financial sector stocks and the dip has afforded us some very good entry points and some great top ups as well.

One of our new holdings that I’m really liking the look of is $PYPL . It suffered a small amount during the tech shift and has been doing well since and I give it a buy rating as its now getting into China and trying to take a chunk out of the likes of $BABA

This will be a complete in depth round up of all current holdings.

$AAPL -1.23%

Overall didn’t do too badly on the tech abandoning.

$MSFT -0.24%

Same as Apple, slightly down on the week overall.

$BA 5.35%

This has been one of the big gainers this week, but I am proceeding as caution. HOLD

$BAC 3.06%

A nice little earner this week and even after the hype has died down a bit still showing a good result for the week. BUY/HOLD

$DIS -1.08%

Even though it saw big gains on the back of the tax bill, its actually fallen below its opening of the week. HOLD

$GE -1.29%

Down on the week but will still keep it in our portfolio for the foreseeable future HOLD

$JPM 0.96%

Up on the week but only slightly, I have increased our holding in JPMorgan this week and this trade is already in the green as I bought the dip.

$WMT -0.98%

Still down on the week, but I still see big things coming for Wal-Mart (just WalMart as they changed their branding to get rid of the ‘stores’ earlier this week) in 2018.

$V 1.48%

Up on the week slightly and showing good promise.

$TWX -0.79%

Down on the week, once back in the green looking to close our very small position.

$TSLA 2.77%

With such a big loss in the tech sector Tesla has done very well this week showing more than a 2% gain.

$FSLR 16%

First Solar is one of the most upbeat stocks we have! But again I have used caution and the dips to close and open new positions making good quick turn overs.

$BRK.K 0.87%

Although bolstered by the tax bill on Monday it has since slipped back down the charts again, this stock will wait for more of the tax bill to go into effect to show any great promise.

$EA -0.84%

Although down on the week our good buying in the dips has returned us ac couple of green returns and now that the bad press has died down a bit we may see a good growth on this stock as the games industry is becoming unstoppable. BUY/HOLD

$NFLX 0.87%

Up on the week fractionally. As long as it keep producing and signing big name stars such as Will Smith I see Netflix still being able to take it to $AMZN in the on demand sector of media. HOLD

$LMT 0.66%

Up on the week, as long as Trump is in the Whitehouse I will be keeping this stock. HOLD

$NVDA -3.26%

Greatly down on the week but Nvidia does have a history of getting pretty beaten on the open market to pull it out the bag around earnings season HOLD.

$ATVI 0.63%

One of the few that have ending the week in the green. BUY/HOLD.

$BABA 1.76%

A nice little money maker this week, with our buying in the dips has really paid off, with both in the green that we added to our portfolio during the correction. BUY/HOLD

$MT.PA 3.6%

A quiet unknown stock in our portfolio that I will be adding to during any corrections. BUY

$JD.CH 1.77%

Didn’t quite weather the storm as well as its bigger brother did (BABA) but only slightly down on the week overall.

$GS 0.33%

A little bit of a strange one... It managed to gain on the news of the tax bill but then lost a fair amount after. Still in the green though. HOLD

$NOC 1.78%