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DEC 6 Snapshot

*Photo taken in the gulf of Aquaba by Will Featherstone.

Here’s what the portfolio looks like on the intraday on the stock side of things.

Things of note

$FSLR actually had a day high of $65.32. We closed out quite a few positions as its had a couple of days on the bounce of big gains after the correction and on the RSI it was getting quite overbought.

We will reopen after their next correction.

$BABA Seems to have found its feet again and back on the upturn and on the week it is still -1.21% down but our postions in the correction are starting to look pretty.

$PYPL Paypal has really done well so far and a nice addition to our portfolio.

Hope these snap shots help those that dont have the time or the means to trade on the American markets to lend insight and help out those that copy me from down under.

I suggest you have a read of my latest Bitcoin strategy I posted earlier as its quite a good read if I do say so myself.

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