Tech Loses its Money Bag.. While Financials Found A Winning Ticket!

December 4, 2017



Tech Loses its Money Bag, While Financials Finds A Winning Ticket! 


What a day its been on the stock market today. As the tax bill has been analyzed the winners have been declared. 


The financial sector has seen a huge boost and the $XLF (the financial select sector, ETF with the banks in) has seen a huge gain of 1.52% closing out at a year high of $28. 


This has been great news for our financial stocks 

$BAC 3.42% 

$JPM 2.06%

$BRK.B 1.14%

$GS 0.68% 

$USB 1.33%

$AMP 1.9% 

$KEY 2.61%

$IBKR 1.43% (Going to set  tSL as its broken through all predictions for this year) 

$SBNY 1.66%



They along with a few notable exceptions 

$BA 2.43% 

$DIS 4.75%

$MT.PA 2.56% (a very nice bottom feed) 

$CNA.L 1.8% (another bottom feed after a big correction the other week) 


Have really helped the portfolio balance up as the the tech sector saw investors leaving in droves to put their cash into other ventures to make the most of the tax bill. 


The extra funds we’ve been keeping to one side really came into their own today and a few good entry points were found. However I have still kept some back to invest in more opportunities should they arise with in the stock sector along with the Cryptocurrencies. 


The first image is the Intraday change on our portfolio of each stock. The second is our new postions from today and some are already in the green. 



All in all we came out of today pretty much level with the previous days as everything balanced out, now we will just wait and see what the markets do next and open and close positions accordingly. 

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