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Plans for the coming week

This coming weeks strategy

So much going on so little time, with the tax bill in America, Brexit in UK and Europe and he Crypto scene doing its own thing as always looks like we are in for an interesting week.

This coming week I am looking to increase our holdings in.

$AAPL With the iPhone X keeping up with the shipping demand and more people getting it in their stockings over Christmas I think that it will continue to rise getting to a fever pitch next year in time for their earnings report along with repatriation discount on tax should help with the


$BABA I will set up an order to activate when I believe it is near the bottom to ride it back up.

HOLDING or adjusting;

$GE Also may benefit from the tax bill, at the moment I’m HOLDing though.


Have al benefited from the hype around the tax bill going through, will be setting up trailing stop losses to do a little profit taking and then looking for buy in points again.

$WMT Last week was a lack luster week after having such a good results the week before, HOLD

Special mentions;

With Brexit starting to take shape our UK stocks had a nice little pump this past week.

$BT.L Gained 4.32% I may increase our holdings in them by a small fraction.

$CNA.L Centrica after recently tanking and us going in doing a little bottom feeding is paying off. A little undecided what to do at this moment, I will be more reactionary to any of the Brexit news and any other relevant data.


I will be increasing our holdings in $BTC by almost double at various entry points. I believe we are in for another wave of good news to push it up further. But I will set the orders near previous support levels for more corrections.

The others I am happy with for the moment, and as we all know that things can change very rapidly in the crypto world so I will remain fluid on my actions.

We currently have a little over 18% in available balance to capitalize on any corrections coming our way.

Wishing you all green trades.

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