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Dec 1 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Weekly Report Summary

Weekly overview December 1

Well winter is here and the stocks have shivered a little this week in some sectors as we have seen a drawdown from the tech sector that opened a couple of opportunities to buy in at pretty goo buy in points for the long term

We’ve had the usual Trump tweets and the Tax Bill that has been much talked about that is coming to a conclusion.

In this post we will cover;

The three best performing stocks.

The three worse performing stocks.

The three best performing cryptocurrencies.

The three best

$USB 5.92%

$JPM 6.58%

$BRK.B 6.64%

As can be seen from the stocks that made the top three the financial sector has had a huge boost from the potential benefits that the tax bill could bring to these stocks and they have been steadily rising for a while.

I urge some caution as if it is deemed that all the benefits have been ‘baked in’ to the stock price these could see a correction from profit taking next week along with a drawdown if the bill doesn’t do what is expected by the markets.

The three ugly;

$NVDA -8.80%

$BABA -8.67%

$SQ -21.78%

As the fall out of a tech sector correction has hit home this week the chip maker Nvidia, we have used this as an opportunity to add to our positions as the crypto market keeps expanding it can only be good for them longer term.

Square has seen a correction after the stock became over bought and have corrected accordingly, we will be keeping our positions.

$BABA Has seen a downturn along with $JD.CH Baba does have a long track record of growth and has done incredibly well over the past 12 months. We will be holding our positions in BABA.

( $SEDG -12.07% doesn’t get added to the main list as we bought our first position once the correction had already begun and it is a nice hedge to $FSLR )

The three best cryptocurrencies;

This one is a little surprising as $btc has been getting all the headlines, however its the alt-coins that have ruled the roost this week.

$ETC 43.81%

$DASH 40.42%

$LTC 29.11%

At time of writing the portfolio has seen an increase of 4% on the week.

on the month of November we have made 14.66% overall and even have 10.11% of that accounted for in closed trades.

The portfolio is now deemed a Risk level of 4 on average over the month and a maximum of 5 on the month.

We have also joined the 100% club, a feat that I am very proud of, as I have only been trading on eToro for 10 months.

The video has a little bit more detail on the odd point, but I have been trying to stay on point more recently, it will be released later on over the weekend.

Green trades to all


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