Intraday Round Up

November 28, 2017




Good evening ladies and gents... 


Been trying to come up with a way to give a really good daily snapshot for a while. 


I think this might be a good way of a screen shot of the daily changes of the stocks as its gives you a good intraday of just the stocks that are in the portfolio. 


Some are long term some are short. At the moment they are all LONG positions. 


I’ll do a run down of the best and worse of each day, that way if they are in your personal portfolio that might give you a good heads up. Or if they are on your hit list might be something to add to your virtual account or real. 


These are not the close of day as I did them earlier during the days trade. 


Let me know if you prefer this way or have any ideas of improvements 



$sq the stock that doesnt stay down for long 4.83%  (snapshot)


$bac 3.84% the finacial sector has become a good support of our portfolio 


$sbny 2.85% 


$jpm 3.57% 


$ea 2.49% 


$nflx 2.21% 


Today the financial sector had a nice firm day and EA seems to be recovering from the micro payment mess. 


I’ve just noticed that $ge is missing from the list and I will be adding it soon, its doing quite well at creating a stronger support and has stopped the rot for now. 


My faith in $xrp seeing some growth has finally reaping some rewards and today has been a strong day for them and at time of writing has gained 8.39% on the intraday. 

But $etc has really shot upwards today and will wait for it to stabalize reevaluate more positions. 

$ltc is also a notable mention at 4.31% (at time of writing) 

$btc is continuing its charge upwards albeit at its slower but steady pace and I will cash out a few positions at the 10000 and have some orders set up for the correction. 

$ETHEREUM I would say is consolidating but I am happy with our exposure at the moment but I am proceeding with a degree of caution in the crypto world as it is even more heated now than ever and have approx 20% of assets in available funds to capitalize on corrections of them 

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