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XRP flash-cash.... on eToro only...

The flash crash of XRP...

After suddenly receiving the notification from eToro to my iPad today.

‘ $XRP (Ripple) falls -8.8% - trades at $0.1863’

I along with many others I’m sure spat out their nearest hot drink and leaped on to the unlock button quicker than they ever thought they would... only to find that it was still sitting pretty at $0.20.

After then checking the charts and seeing the amazing black line scaring the chart we collectively scratch our head.

For the very few and lucky we had orders to activate on any drops and have managed a quick turn around and get a cheap bit of profit.

For the select few that they SL went into action it left red faced.

However after doing some snooping around.... only one person so far I know of have managed to capitalized on the drop, There is no one so far that I have found that have lost out on it, and it seems that eToro have already posted saying they are looking into it and judging from past records they are actually quite good at compensating any losses.

This is one of the main reasons why I use eToro if/when something does go wrong with trades closing incorrectly they do compensate.

As far as I can tell it is a localized event to eToro and did not effect and of the exchanges that I use.

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