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BTC Gold fall from grace, ALT-COINs rule the roost so far!

Sorry that i haven’t been able to polish of the charts as much as I usually do, but in a little bit of a rush so no video yet.

As you can see from the charts BTC has entered a correction phase as people move their funds away from BTC and into the other alt coins.

The ellipses show the most recent break of support of bitcoin and I believe is the strongest indicator that it will show a huge correction over the next 24hrs as the other coins have already started to make ground.

The other ones also available have shown break outs as well but are not as prominent in our portfolio.

I expect this trend to continue over the next couple of days until the correction on BTC is complete.

We will also find out how shrewd Ripple is, as this would be the perfect time to release a prominent nad hyped up tweet to push the price of XRP up. That’s ‘IF’ they actually want XRP to rise in value and recover some of its previous ground

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