17 OCT snapshot

October 17, 2017



Hi everybody! 


As the cryptos today have been a bit of a blood bath of red in the main part I thought I’d revive an old feature i used to do... 


The DAILY snapshot! 


So here are the rules... to make the list a stock has to gain or lose 1% or more and be held in the portfolio. 




$NG.l 0.99% (I’m going to let this one sneak in haha) 


Well a pretty grim reading for today... so here are the losers 




$fslr -.99% seeing as i let national grid sneak in its only right I do the same on the losers list. 


$nflx -1.72% just opened another position using .68% of equity as I’ve been looking for a good entry point after the correction. 


$baba -1.64% same again just added another .68% to the LONG holdings as last time we saw a correction it dipped just to the 175.95 mark 


$gs -2.62% just placed an order at 234 hoping to get a little bit better on the buy in price. 


$key -1.19% current hold rating from me 


$bt.l -1.2% hold rating 



So that’s the round up from today. Sorry its been so long since I’ve been posting these updates but my working life has got really complicated and hard and decided to concentrate on getting good results in my day job and dedicating the rest of my time to trading on here. 


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